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Choosing your Guestlist


The most dreaded part of wedding planning has got to be the guestlist! However it is one of those steps that must happen before planning can continue .

With a lot of guests, it's a simple yes or no. But with others like childhood friends, work colleagues or your 54th cousin, the decision can be a little trickier.

Here is a nifty quiz to take for those people that you are not so sure of! Get a pen, turn to the notes page in your Sanskara Diary, and get ready and see if you get mostly A's, B's or C's to see which guests just don't cut it! Have fun and most importantly, be honest with yourself!


A. You are closely related or close friends and picture them being present in your future. B. You were once close and now occassionally keep in contact. You intend on keeping in touch in future. C. You were once close but no longer keep in contact anymore. You don't foresee them in your future.


A. They know you and your partner individually, as well as both of you as a couple and your journey. B. They know you personally and know about your partner and you as a couple. C. They know you but don't even know your partner's name.


A. This colleague is more of a friend and you spend time together socially outside of work. B. You get along with this colleague, and spend time together socially in the office. C. The relationship is strictly professional and you don't (want to) see them outside of a work setting.


A. You clearly know how you are related to or know them, and you share lots of memories together. B. You are not sure how you are related or know them but you have some memories with them. C. You don't share any memories with them and you don't know who exactly they are... what's their name again?


A. You are inviting them because you are excited to share your special day with them. B. You are inviting them because it would be nice to see them. C. You are inviting them to avoid any awkwardness or tension.


A. The thought of having them at your wedding makes you thrilled and even emotional. B. The thought of them attending your wedding makes you content. C. The thought of having them at your wedding makes you anxious.


A. If this person couldn't attend your wedding, you would be quite upset snd even consider a different date. B. If this person was unable to attend, you would be saddened but the wedding must go on. C. If this person couldn't attend your wedding, you would be secretly happy about it.


Mostly A's: The people form a big part of your life. You are close, speak often, they know your partner and will most liekly be involved in your future. These people should form the core of your Guetslist. Mostly B's: These people share some memories with you and you occasionally keep in touch. It would be nice to have them at the wedding, but they would also most likely understand if they weren't invited. These guests can be invited to your other events and could form part of your backup wedding guestlist. Mostly C's: These people aren't a part of your life and will most likely not be a part of future. You are probably only considering them because of family/friend politics. You should not feel compelled to invite them.