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Bachelorette Planning


A Bachelorette should mean a nice relaxing weekend away with your girl gang, where you get to replenish all your energy spent on wedding planning- right? Wrong! As my fiancé says, Bachelorettes can be much more intense than Bachelor parties now (not that I’m complaining!). A few months ago I planned my sister’s Bachelorette and although there was not much relaxing done, we had so much fun and definitely a lot of bonding time! For the scoop on what we got up to, as well as some planning tips, make sure to read on.

For my sister’s bachelorette, we decided to get away with our cousins for 2 nights. We chose somewhere that felt far enough from the city, but not too far so that some of our cousins could join for just the day. The house we booked was a stunning 3 bedroom on a golf estate and the biggest attraction was definitely the gorgeous pool with views of the golf course.


Airbnb accomodation

The first day was spent taking lots of pictures of ourselves and the view (mostly of ourselves if I’m being perfectly honest!) before making tacos. We knew we needed to get some food in ourselves before the night began. We decided that the bachelorette weekend was going to be a good mix of Naughty and Nice. The theme for our first night was a Lingerie party. We got all dressed up and decorated the party room of the house with rose gold “Bride to Be” balloons , light up shot glasses that my cousin bought from China Mall Mayfair, some naughty decorations made by myself as well as a very tongue-in-cheek cake from Cake and Bake. We had some games lined up such as Prosecco Pong (from Spar) and a Drinking Relay Game, but actually ended up getting so caught up with “Never Have I Ever” and giggling and chatting the night away.


On day 2 (after only about 4 hours of sleep), we had a nice relaxing time by the pool with cocktails. The order of the day was a “Sip and Paint by the Pool”. We set up a High Tea in the afternoon and after getting all dressed up, stuffing our faces with croissants, scones and cake, we had some fun with painting. I had packed small canvases and paints (bought from Value Co.) for everyone for painting a reference picture of some perfectly chiseled abs. I was definitely surprised by how good everyone was (and how competitive they got!). We spent the rest of the High Tea – which involved no tea- playing games like Naughty Charades and Memories with the Bride.



Favours: Rose Gold “Bride Tribe” Makeup Bag, “To Have and To Hold” scrunchie and Rose Gold personalized Lip Balms from Sanskara. Sanskara Products

On our last day, we decided the weekend wouldn’t be complete without actually getting in the pool! We spent quite a while swimming and sipping ciders before we had to pack up and clear out.


So, although there wasn’t much time for sleep, I must say that we did all leave feeling closer and ready for the wedding!

Here are some things to consider when planning a Bachelorette:

  • Decide if it will be a one-night event, or a weekend getaway
  • Get a list from the bride of who she would like to be present
  • Approach all the invitees in advance about the possibility of staying over
  • Now that you have an approximate number of those staying, you can start look for accommodation/ venue
  • The next step is to plan entertainment and food
  • Split the duties amongst the bride tribe. Each person can bring one meal/snack for the weekend or everyone can contribute money, if one person is able to do all the buying
  • When planning the entertainment, consider if the theme will be Naughty, Nice or both
  • Create the ambience and vibe of the night with appropriate décor
  • Create your packing list using our Sanskara Notepads!

Sanskara Notepads

For more planning tips and ideas, check out the @sanskara_sa Instagram