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Covid Considerations for your Wedding


Lockdown Brides! Have you considered how you will make sure your wedding is Covid safe? Here are some things to consider during the planning phase.

The Venue

Check for some key features when choosing your venue for your lockdown wedding:

  • A venue with enough ventilation: either outdoors, open all around or a venue with enough doors and windows that can be left open
  • Sanitising stations and signs that remind guests and staff to sanitise regularly and maintain social distancing

The Guests

It is up to the couple at the end of the day, to decide how covid protocol will be followed at the wedding. The things to think about in advance is:

  • Will temperatures be checked at the door?
  • Should guests be vaccinated before they are invited?
  • Will guests be expected to wear masks at all times?
  • Consider reducing your guestlist so that the venue is only at 50% capacity
  • Inviting some of the guests (eg. extended family and friends) to join over live stream

The Setup

The way everything is setup is even more important now during Covid. As much as possible, your guests should still be able to social distance and maintain good hygiene.

  • Think about the way the tables and chairs will be spaced out
  • Consider filling each table to only half its capacity
  • Providing each table with a sanitiser bottle ( as well as other key points such as at the entrance, the buffet and the bar)
  • Food can be served to each table as family style instead of buffet style to avoid having everyone congregating at one spot
  • Will family photos be taken?

Some Unique Ideas

Covid is also giving couples the chance to be quite unique. Would you try any of the following?

  • Have an intimate wedding in your backyard with just the two of you/ closest family. You could invite all your guests to join over Live Stream and have catering delivered to them!
  • A cool way to get all your guests to be present but still safe, is to have a drive through wedding. All the guests can socially distance in their cars while watching the bridal couple take their vows on stage or on a big screen!
  • Elope! Have your ceremony with just the two of you at a beautiful, local destination and get your family/friends to record special messages that you can listen to after.

Remember that even if you have to make your wedding a little smaller for the safety of your loved ones, your special day will still be beautiful, memorable and meaningful. After all, the wedding is all about you, your loved one and your vows!