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The Meaning of Sanskara


We often get asked what Sanskara means and why we chose the name. It's only fitting that just like all things Sanskara, the name we chose is pretty but has a purpose too!

In Hinduism, there are a number of different rituals performed for the various Rites of Passage that an individual goes through and the Rites of Passage are known as "Sanskars". There are 16 main Sanskars ranging from conception to death. One of the most important of these being the "Vivah Sanskar" or Wedding Ceremony. Observing these Sanskars are said to spiritually enrich your life as well as ultimately assist with attaining "Moksha" or Salvation.

Directly translated, Sanskara means: "Putting together, making perfect, getting ready, to prepare." Here at Sanskara, our mission is focused on making the journey to the wedding celebrations as beautiful as the big day itself- the ultimate wedding planning journey for the Modern Indian Couple, whilst still honouring and keeping alive the traditions which have been passed down.

Sanskara was created after the engagement of our founder, and a wedding planner gifted to her by her sister. Although it was beautiful, this off- the- shelf, Western wedding planner was limited in its usefulness for an Indian Bride and the many events that she would need to consider. After her sister got engaged, the search began for an Indian wedding planner diary to gift to her, however there was nothing accessible or suitably comprehensive for a Modern Indian Bride. This is how Sanskara was born!